Hot Air Ballooning

Hot Air Ballooning
In your Sri Lankan tour you can enjoy through hot air ballooning experience, Balloons that travel with the wind. You can float at about 500 to 2000 feet on average. When you are floating you can see lake & rivers, wildlife, cultural sites, local urban homesteads & landmarks like Sigiriya Rock. Exactly say that this is the amazing experience for you. Dambulla is the ideal place for that.

Elephant Riding

Elephant Safari

Since Sri Lanka is famous for Elephant Riding from the ancient times, you can add a marvelous experience to your travelling diary. Travelling on a back of an elephant will give you a totally different experience by watching nature in very close manner as well as being close to the elephant life. Habarana, Sigiriya, Kaudulla are the most famous places for Elephant ridings in Sri Lanka.

Lagoon Safari

Lagoon Safari
Experience of a Lagoon Safari is one of the best unforgettable memories to a traveler. You can get the world’s best lagoon safaries at Hikkaduwa, Dodanduwa, Madu River etc; Calm and nature friendly boat rides with bird watching and feel the fresh moist of the air as well as the sea breeze and many more you can experience here.

Night Clubs and Casinos

Night Clubs

Within your Sri Lankan tour you can enjoy through night clubs and casinos. Night clubs are making your Sri Lankan tour remarkable. Sri Lanka offers awesome 24 hour beach parties. The number of night clubs is in Sri Lanka. Colombo,Hikkaduwa, Unawatuna these places are very famous for night clubs and beach parties. Colombo is home to several casinos.

Deep-Sea Fishing


Sri Lanka is the one of best destinations to engage in Deep-Sea Fishing. The ocean around Sri Lanka is ideal for this.