Sri Lankan culture

Our little island is blessed with so, many different cultural make shifts. Mainly the country is a place where the Indians, Portuguese, Dutch, and English came to invade because of its resources. Later it was populated with the Chinese and Arabic merchants who came for trade Hence we are a prime location in the “Silk route of East.

Travelling is a form of meditation. It shouldn’t be called a “passion”. When you travel- you come into terms with your own self. You realize the beauty of your own soul. The best thing that can happen to a traveler is to find his true self. When you are away from your familiar surroundings- when you are living off grid – you have to keep with your own company. The worries that would torture you in your home turf would not be bothered in your travels. Maybe that is the reason that so many of us would seek refuge in travels.

For those who are in love- travelling provide a massive opportunity to understand each other. When its only you two – who have to face with terrible stomach flus- food poisoning- terrible bugs- you can see the true side of each other. There won’t be any more surprises. The best way to understand the person next to you.

Travel- dwell in cultures- eat their food- converse with locals- breathe in the air – feel the sun shine- find your vice- find your self- find the way home = with Wanderlust Lanka- A place where you can trust.