Who We Are

We started this hopes of making sure your vacation to our home is one to cherish. We are a group of individuals who are solely focused on providing you with stories to tell. You’re always welcome to this tiny island with a big heart.


To make people impress


To be the best and innovative tourism service provider in Sri Lanka.

Our uniqueness

We are operating with outstanding value system,

  • Highly customized packages
  • All the traveling solution under one umbrella
  • Our own and exclusive tourism activity
  • Outstanding overall services with love and care
  • Fair prices and packages
  • Most secured and comfort traveling solution
  • Most trusted accommodation
  • Well experience travel guide
  • Friendly and supportive staff

We stand for

  • To pursue the upmarket tourism policy.
  • To define, adjust and implement sustainable tourism strategies.
  • To provide a more responsive legal and institutional framework for the harmonious development of the tourism sector.
  • To provide support, incentives and assistance to approved tourism projects in line with the defined strategies and policies
  • To promote the development of family-oriented leisure amenities.
  • To ensure that nautical activities are organized in an orderly and safe manner.
  • To make leisure activities accessible and affordable to all sections of the population